ATPL(A) Integrated

Phases of training
  • Phase 1 - Developing basic flight skills
  • Phase 2 - Initiation to complex flying
  • Phase 3 - Introduction to Commercial flying 
  • Phase 4 - Advanced flight skills
  • Phase 5 - Multi Crew Cooperation & Jet Orientation Course

At the end of the program, the trainee will have flown:

200 hours out of which 110 hours Dual, 116 hours under IFR, 20 hours SPIC, 50 hours on the

simulator, 50 hours solo cross-country. The ground preparation consists of 780 hours of theory

delivered by our professional lecturers.

Advantages of Goldwings Flight Academy’s Integrated ATPL(A) program

From no experienced to licensed Commercial Pilot with frozen ATPL(A), MCC and JOC =

( A320 FNPT II MCC ) in 12 - 16 months.

• Intensive program with 780 hours of theoretical preparation. Highly experienced lectures.

• Training on EFIS aircraft (AT-3 Garmin 500 and DA-42 Garmin 1000)

• MCC & JOC included (Airbus A320 FNPT II )

• Airline screening preparation included at the end of the course (Aviation HR, Aviation

Psychologists & Technical interview prep)

• No additional or hidden costs!

• Factory new aircrafts and simulators

• Bristol Ground School materials

Why you should chose Goldwings Flight Academy as your training center

• 10 years of experience in training Airline Pilots

• Airline-like environment - training with SOPs from the introductory flight (Standard Operating


• Training on International Airport with CTR  and EPBC

• Usage of Bristol Ground School materials

• Great focus on gaining international flight experience

• Perfect safety record

• Rigorous tracking of trainee's progress

• Theoretical courses held by Airline & Military Pilots, airplane engineers, meteorologists and

aviation doctors

• Access to an up-to-date EASA ATPL(A) questions database system (Aviation Exam and BGS

• Multi-cultural environment

• Dedicated Customer Support team.

Entry requirements

• Minimum age of 18 year

• First class medical certificate

• No required previous flight experience/licences

• Sufficient level of knowledge of Mathematics and Physics and English language

• ATO written and oral assessment


At the end of the course, each pilot will have 200 flight hours, out of which 110 hours Dual , 116

hours under IFR, 20 hours SPIC, 50 hours on the simulator, 50 hours solo cross-country and

780 hours of theoretical preparation; MCC and JOC course completion certificates.

The privileges of the holder of an ATPL(A) are to act as pilot-in-command (Captain) or co-pilot

(First Officer) in airplanes engaged in commercial air transportation.


Free of charge Electronic Flight Bag - iPad mini

Goldenwings is equipping all trainees starting the ab-initio to Commercial

professional training programs with a free of charge iPad Mini 4G+WiFi. The iPad will be used

primarily for studying as materials are sent wirelessly to the trainee’s iPad for each phase of the

training: PPL – Plane operating handbooks, PPL manual, Charts, Planning tools and documents

to ATPL – eBooks, but also for all intermediary steps [i.e. IR(A)].

Course fees covers everything related to becoming a Commercial Pilot, including the following

items and services:

• All training manuals

• Access to the Learning Management System (Bristo Ground School) and EASA question bank

(Avaition Exam)

• 780 hours of in-house theoretical preparation

• 200 hours of practical training

• Planes, including fuel (AT-3 G500 , C172P, DA-42 G1000, Piper Seneca III) (we don't apply

any fuel surcharge!)

• Pilot kit (VFR chart, kneeboard, plotter, flight computer)

• Simulator time (FNPT II Airbus A320 and DA-42NG)

• Examination fees (ground and checkrides)

• Landing and communication fees

• Uniform

• MCC and JOC courses

• Airline screening preparation course

*All training fees are bound to the actual exchange rates of the local currency of the Goldwings

Flight Academy base where the training or a part of the training is provided.

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