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Courses and trainings

Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)

Equivalent of Category B driving licence in aviation. After this course you can pilot single engine planes with maximum take-off weight of 5700 kg.

Familiarization training and flight

Find out how easy it is to become a pilot, embark on the adventure and make your or your loved one's dreams come true.

0 – ATPL (Frozen)

Commercial or airline pilot training with MEP(L) and IR(A) ratings

0-ATPL(frozen) + 500h

The most professional airline pilot licence training programme. It gives you the highest chances of landing the best job in the aviation industry.


If you hold a PPL(A) licence and want to become a professional pilot, this course is the best option for you.

VFR Night training

You need this course in order to fly at night, all night long.

Instrument Rating IR(A)

Instrument rating course on single-engine or multi-engine planes. You will not depend on the weather any more.

Multi Engines MEP(L)

If you want to fly on planes with more than one engine. The course is also introduction to flying on "serious" machines.

Aviation English ICAO 4+

Would you like to fly abroad? You need to pass an exam and obtain a language proficiency rating. This course will prepare you for the exam.

FNPT II Simulator

Learn to fly IFR comfortably on an FNPT II flight simulator. You can mess up anything here without consequences.

ATPL(A) theoretical course

Career pilot course. Raise your competencies onto higher level and sign up for an ATPL(A) and IR(A) course

CPL(A) commercial licence

If you want to fly passengers for a living but not necessarily for an airline this course is for you

Flight Instructor FI(A) course

Become a dedicated flight instructor or build instructor's flight time which will help you in further pilot's career

ATPL(A) Integrated

During the Integrated ATPL(A), you will become a Commercial Pilot in 12-15 months of intensive preparation, from no flight experience to holding an EASA Multi-Engine Instrument Rating Commercial Pilot License with ATPL frozen, including Multi Crew Cooperation and Jet Orientation Course.

UPRT Advaned plus JOC

UPRT ADVANCED - half price !!!