Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)


At Goldenwings  we realize that knowledge is a crucial element of pilot training. Obtaining each type of pilot licence or rating requires mastering relevant theoretical contents needed to complete the practical course. Join our courses, meet us and become part of the aviation community in our country.



Minimum age: on the day of a first solo flight the student pilot must be at least 16 years of age. A candidate applying for a Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) be at least 17 years of age.  

Medical certificate: a candidate applying for a Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) certificate must hold a valid Class II medical certificate.

Minimum education: upper-primary or equivalent.

We recommend undergoing medical tests at :





Course content

Theoretical training
We conduct theoretical training. The courses are organized on a one-to-one basis so you do not have to wait for a group to form.  

The theoretical training comprises 100 hours of lectures with the instructors. The e-learning platform, which is an integral part of the training at Goldenwings, contains over 900 pages of educational materials in the form of presentation, over 400 pages of auxiliary materials and a database of over 2000 examination questions with answers.

Practical training

The training for the Airplane Private Pilot Licence consists of the theoretical part, which is followed by  the practical one. The practical training is conducted based on the curriculum comprising tasks completed subsequently during training flights. The practical training curriculum includes minimum 45 hours of training flights according to PART-FCL regulations for the PPL(A).

The PPL(A) practical training is done in three stages (tasks): mastering basic pilotage skills in a training sector and making aerodrome circuit flight (with an instructor and solo), flight according to instruments, navigational cross-country flights and VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flights. After completing these three tasks the student pilot masters the skill of independent, safe flight performance according to the PPL(A) specifications.

After completing the practical training every Goldwings graduate possesses the skill of piloting one types of Cessna and Diamond  planes: a two seater DA-20, PS-28 and a four seater C172, which will enable to take your family or friends for a ride.



After completing the PPL(A) training and receiving the licence you will be rated to pilot single-engine planes with maximum take-off weight of  5700 kg. You will be allowed to fly solo or take passengers across all Europe. It provides great freedom and safety. A flight on a Cessna 172 from Warsaw to Gdańsk with friends takes approx. 1h20min. In Poland, the number of aerodromes is increasing. There is an airport in every major Polish city. So if you want to fly on business, recreationally or professionally in the future any reason to start your aviation adventure is good enough regardless of your sex, age or education. If you are not convinced feel free to take part in our familiarization training. And one more thing! This hobby is addictive J


The purpose of the PPL(A) course is to prepare the student pilot for safe and efficient flying according to VFR rules. The thorough and comprehensive theoretical preparation will allow you to use your knowledge during the next training phase - the practical part and the further career, especially when you improve your qualifications.


Our simulators will let you practise even the most stressful emergencies in peace.

Cessna 172 is a universal 4-seat plane. Its long range and broad avionics make it the right choice for commercial or PPL training.

C-172 is the most popular basic training plane in the world. It is highly reliable and forgiving.

Our student pilots steadily raise their qualifications. During the practical training we organize workshops on various subjects.

We offer professional lecture rooms, where you will be able to explore the realm of aviation.

Affordable prices and professional training.

Airline-based instructors, young and ambitious staff.


Economic theoretical course  400 euro

PRO Individual theoretical course  1300 euro 

45 h New PS-28 "glass cockpit" or Diamond DA-20   from 6 900 euro

For non-commercial  license courses  23% VAT will be added 



Training for PPL (A) license on brand new PS-28 VFR night version with  glass cockpit, new simulator , DA-20 and  Cessna172 

A set of books by the English company Padpilot for PPL (A) included in the price of the course !!!!



Our ceOur center has living rooms for our studentsnter has living rooms for our students. Our center has living rooms for our students

Our bases

We have two bases . 

Warsaw and Cracow 

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