FNPT II Simulator

Training structure

The training consists of a theoretical course to be followed by a practical one.

Practical course is conducted based on the programme who is aimed to teach how to control planes according to instruments, then how to navigate the controlled airspace according Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). The training tasks focus on improving techniques or reading and interpreting instrument indications as well as using avionics to navigate according to ground navigation stations and GPS system. The practical course comprises 50 hours of training flights, including 35 or 40 on a simulator and another 15 hours on a single or multi-engine airplane equipped with IFR instruments. To enter the training you must possess a Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence as well as Class II or I medical certificate. Another precondition for the practical course is the completion of the IR training course. Since the ATPL(A) theoretical course contains IR(A) aspects, this practical course can be entered if you have completed the ATPL(A) theoretical course.

Theoretical course for the Instrument Rating according the European standards and regulations of JAR-FCL covers subjects of aviation law, air traffic control procedures, IFR flight planning and monitoring, meteorology, navigation, operational procedures, communications, human performance and limitations and many others which must be mastered to perform IFR flights. The IR(A) theoretical course at Goldwing Flight Academy is conducted in the Polish language. The programme comprises 200 hours of on-site lectures delivered during combined sessions. The training lasts 6 weeks and covers 8 subjects according to the JAR-FCL requirements. A necessary condition for starting the course is possessing a PPL(A) licence. In order to enter the IR(A) practical course you must complete the theoretical course and hold a completion certificate issued by a Certificated Flight Training Organization. To have the rating entered in your licence you must pass the practical and theoretical exam before the Aviation Examination Board of the Civil Aviation Authority.

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