ATPL(A) theoretical course 100 KSA and JOC


To take part in the course you must meet the following requirements:

-must be at least 17 years of age

-hold at least upper-primary education or equivalent

-completed flight training at the level of at least  Private Pilot Licence

-hold at least a Private Pilot Licence

Training structure

This Distance Learning course allows for flexible completion of 650 hours of extensive studying. The proposed course is delivered by means of two teaching processes: distance learning along with progress tests. During the training 3 on-site combined lecture sessions are planned.  

On-site lectures
The on-site lectures at Goldwings Flight Academy you will have an opportunity to learn from our specialists. Make use of this time to ask questions. A lot of lectures are delivered in the form of workshops where you will master skills needed in your future career as a pilot. The lectures are organized as combined biweekly weekend sessions.

During the lectures you will get to know us and our fleet. Use this time to choose the type of practical course. We view the training process as a whole. By staying with us and continuing the training with the people you know well you will make it more effective. A solid relationship with the instructor is a crucial element of the training and guarantee of effective mastering the piloting skills. Choosing a given practical course option for the CPL(A) licence or Instrument Rating you will be offered a lower price of the theoretical course. The remaining balance up to the special offer price will added to your practical course settlement.

This element is no less important than the work with the lecturers. BRISTOL Ground School set of learning materials is a very important part of this process. It is an e-learning platform which will help you to pass subsequent progress tests. The textbooks and the questions database is a complex source of knowledge for a pilot aspiring to the Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

The self-studying based on the Bristol materials – approx. 80 days with weekend breaks - 550 hours (approx. 40 hours per week). Lectures at Goldwings Flight Academy – approx. 11 days with weekend breaks – approx.100 hours.

During the training the student pilot should have access to professional textbooks. We recommend Bristol Ground Training textbooks. The set comprises e-learning platform, which contains the comprehensive knowledge needed by an ATPL student pilot. Bristol Ground School materials are included in the course price!


The course covers the following subjects:

Air Law and Air Traffic Procedures

Aircraft General Knowledge

Flight Performance  and Planning

Mass and Balance

Planning and Flight Monitoring

Human Performance and Limitations


General Navigation

Radio Navigation

Operational Procedures

Principles of Flight



The theoretical ATPL(A) course is intended for people who think of becoming a career pilot and for people for who would like to raise their aviation competencies to a higher level, not necessarily the commercial one. Apart from the ATPL(A) knowledge the course contains a full range of knowledge required for the Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A)as well as Instrument Rating. After completing the course and passing the exams before the Aviation Examination Board you will be able to continue the practical course in order to obtain the above-mentioned licenses or ratings.


Course including PadPilot materials or Evionica, database of questions and JOC course- materials 1990 Euro



Now, when you buy the ATPL(A) theoretical course, the JOC course on our A320 simulator is included in the price of the course. Call us and ask about online lectures!!

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07 DECEMBER 2023

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