VFR Night training


Training aerodromes

Babice Airport (EPBC) offers infrastructure for night flights all year round. It is the only airport in Poland, which is free from commercial traffic with professional runway lighting systems and a 24-hour flight supervision. It allows for undisturbed night flight training without long queuing to give way to inbound commercial traffic. Safety standards are also higher due to rescue services in place.

Trainer airplanes

We offer AT-3, DA-20  and C172. They are the safest planes in their class. For over 30 years they were improved to perfection. Cessna engines have the longest time intervals between inspections, which are assigned for the most reliable power plants. There are over 100 000 planes of Cessna 100 series in use around the world.


Before the pilot decides to enter the VFR NIGHT training, he or she should know by heart the location of all indicators, switches, levers and navigational aids. With eyes shut, he or she must find them. VFR night flying is much more tiring than flying during the day but it gives more satisfaction. VFR Night training can be done by PPL(A) student pilots towards the end of the training programme or PPL(A) holders. Class II medical certificates is also needed to start the training.

Training structure

In order to receive the VFR Night rating you must complete a theoretical course comprising 8 hours of lectures followed by practical course. The choice of instructor and type of plane is up to you.


If you want to fly VFR between sunset and sunrise, you must hold a VFR NIGHT rating. You will become more comfortable flying. You will be able to fly any time of the day and night to any controlled airport.

Opportunity to follow up IFR(A) training. After completing the VFR-N training you can start an instrument rating course.


Theoretical course

7 h of lectures  - 150 euro 

Practical course

5 h AT3 glass cockpit or C 172 -  850 euro

23% VAT must be added to non-commercial training programmes.

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