Familiarization training and flight


It’s that easy to become a pilot. Make your loved one’s dreams come true. Buy a training voucher for PLN 999! It is a unique, elegantly packaged gift.  .

Give use the name of the gift recipient and we will prepare a voucher to be used for the familiarization training, which will take place at Babice airport in Warsaw. Upon completion of the training, the PPL(A) training may follow. The price of the PPL(A) training will be less the price of the voucher.

Steps to order the Goldwings Voucher:

           1. Transfer PLN 999 into the following bank account:

BZ WBK 18 1090 1753 0000 0001 1915 5539

2. Email us personal details of the recipient and we will prepare the voucher

3. State the address and we will send the voucher there


Familiarization training including the lectures, full motion simulator flight and 30 minutes' flight on a Cessna plane costs PLN 999

Training structure

The training comprises four parts

Part 1:

theoretical lecture during which we will present the basics of controlling the plane, flight aerodynamics, navigation and aircraft structure

Duration: 1.5h

Part 2:

Before you start a Full Flight simulator flight you will receive necessary documents in our Operations Centre. Next, at the briefing, we will discuss information contained in the documents and will familiarize you with the basics of controlling the plane, its equipment and instruments. After the briefing you will be able to fly the simulator. During the 1-hour simulator session we will practise elements of a flight on a Cessna 172 such as take-off, climb and landing. The flight will not happen without emotions! We will show you how the plane system works.

Duration: 1 h

Part 3:

A flight on a Cessna 172 will start at Babice Airport in Warsaw (EPBC). During the flight you will enjoy a panoramic view of Warsaw.

Duration: 0.5 h


Part 4:


After completing the flight we will discuss its most important elements and will have a commemorative photo together.

Duration: 0.5 h

Special offer !!!

Now the price of the familiarization training includes your loved one. Experience the emotions together!!!

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