UPRT Advaned plus JOC

UPRT Advaned plus JOC

What we offer

UPRT ADVANCED (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) training - It is dedicated to people who apply for the first COMPLEX aircraft rating, or the first multi-crew aircraft rating - TYPE RATING. UPRT ADVANCED training consists of theoretical and practical training. Theoretical training is 5 hours of lessons and practical training is a minimum of 3 hours of flight training. At Goldwings we give you more !!!! Additionally, a 5-hour JOC (Jet orientation course) training on the A-320 simulator. The entire training is only 1 5000 euro Gross. 0 VAT rate for professional pilots. Additionally, we will be pleased to host you at our hotel at no extra charge.

Practical training stages

Recovery from an upset nose-high at different bank angles

Recovery from an upset from a nose-down position at various bank angles

Recovery from the diving spiral

Recovery from a stall event

Recovery from the early stage of a spin

Stages of theoretical training


Causes and contributing factors of critical situations

Safety review of accidents and incidents related to upsets

Awareness of overload and control over it

Energy management


Systems malfunction


We have an accommodation base. During the course, you can spend the night at school for free

Next theoretical course

Theoretical course every Monday at 17:00 local. The training is available on-line. Theoretical course every Monday at 17:00 local. The training is available on-line


1500 euro 

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