MCC + JOC A320 Simulator

MCC + JOC A320 Simulator


11500 pln / 2900 euro MCC plus JOC na  symulatorze A320 FNPT II  MCC


Course entry requirements
  •  Hold an aeroplane CPL which validity covers the period of the course
  • Hold an IR-ME class rating which validity covers the period of the course
  • Fluent in English; ICAO Level 4 (or higher) English Examination Certificate is mandatory or state English exam or International English exam
  • Flight experience: 150 hours:
    • 50 hours as Pilot In Command (PIC)
    • MEP(L) multi-engine airplane

After completing the Multi-Crew Co-operation JET orientation Course you will be issued 

  • MCC course completion certificate

and accordingly you are allowed to start a multi pilot type rating course.


FNPT II Airbus 320 (generic large jet). This course type covers both MCC+JET orientation. Recommended for IFR pilots with recent IR experience only. (actual or synthetic IFR flights within the last three months)

Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT). A training device which represents the flight deck or cockpit environment including the assemblage of equipment and computer programs necessary to represent an aeroplane or class of aeroplane in flight operations to the extent that the systems appear to function as in an aeroplane. It is in compliance with the minimum standards for a specific FNPT Level of Qualification. 

For FNPT use in MCC + JOT training the general technical requirement are expressed in the MCC column with additional systems, instrumentation and indicators as required for MCC training and operation. 

For MCC (Multi Crew Co-operation) minimum technical requirements are as for Level II, with the following additions or amendments: 

  • Turbo-jet or turbo prop engines.
  • Performance reserves, in case of an engine failure, to be in accordance with JAR-25. These may be simulated by a reduction in the aeroplane gross mass.
  • Retractable landing gear.
  • Pressurisation system.
  • De-icing system.
  • Fire detection/suppresion system.
  • Dual controls.
  • Autopilot with automatic approach mode.
  • 2 VHF NAV receivers (VOR, ILS, DME).
  • 1 ADF receiver.
  • 1 Marker receiver.
  • 1 Transponder
MCC Instructor information

Every MCC trainer is highly experienced JET airline pilot with several years of flight experience. the next course will be conducted by instructor Dominik Punda

Special offer

We add Evionica materials to course for free


Next course 24.05.2024

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